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New York City’s Most Desired Apartment Amenities Following the Coronavirus Pandemic


Since the coronavirus shutdown in mid March, NYC residents are spending much more time at home. Apartment buildings, along with every other business and facility in the country, have put restrictions into place to limit the amount of people gathered in a public space. For renters, these limitations mean reduced access to buildings’ laundry rooms, fitness centers, pools and other shared spaces.

Although renters may be frustrated by not being able to use many of their amenities, most understand the importance of working together to stop the spread of the virus. Interestingly, the prolonged changes have helped shift perceptions of what the most important amenities actually are. 

Before the coronavirus, some of the most desirable apartment amenities included the ability to have a pet, a doorman/concierge, or convenient parking spaces. According to search data since the pandemic, renters are now prioritizing the following amenities:

In-Unit Washer & Dryer
Once considered a luxury, many renters now consider the washer/dryer a must to protect their health. Having a washer/dryer at home ensures they won’t have to share these machines with anyone outside of the family.

Private Outdoor Space
Private outdoor space can include a private balcony or patio space where tenants can also have access to greenery and fresh air. With restrictions on public outdoor spaces and the lingering fear tenants have to gather in public, renters right now are looking for private outdoor space within their apartments.

Home Office / Business Centers
With the increasing number of people working from home, office space within an apartment or building is also a well sought after amenity. Since most people won’t be attending their usual office space with their fellow coworkers, access to printers, computers and reliable wifi connection are needed. While some seek extra space within their apartment to set up an office, most renters are asking about business centers within an apartment building. While it may cost extra in some buildings, it can be a worthy investment based on your needs while working from home.

Gym / Fitness Center
With many gyms remaining closed across the country and gym goers still unsure of the safety of public gyms, apartment gyms have become even more desirable. However renters must still contend with certain restrictions. Smaller-sized apartment buildings with gyms may be the better bet right now to ensure less contact with neighbors in shared space. 

While the shift in amenity queries clearly began as a reaction to the pandemic, it is likely to have a lasting effect in the marketplace. A record number of remote workers plan to stay remote even after the pandemic fully passes, keeping the home office top of mind. It will be interesting to see how long the other top queries fare once the pandemic is well behind us.

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