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A guide for buyers and renters on the best schools in NYC

When looking for the ideal neighborhood to move into, many factors come into play of which neighborhood will best fit the lifestyle of you and your family. If you have school aged children or are planning to have children in the future you are probably searching extra hard to ensure that the school they will transition into will provide them with a high quality education and prepare them for their future.


When the topic of NYC schools comes up, it’s important to know that NYC officials are continually working to promote diversity and fairness in the school system as well as provide every school student with the best education possible to succeed. That being said, here are the top schools in NYC based on factors like graduation rates, extracurricular opportunities, test scores and more:


Townsend Harris High School: Ranked #1 in New York school ratings and #5 on national school rankings, this high school is known for its incredible classes in humanities, math and science. Students from any borough in NYC who wish to attend Townsend Harris High School must go through the screening process which is based on standardized test scores, the students’ grades on report cards and attendance.


Stuyvesant High School: This high school comes in at #1 in New York State and national rankings when it comes to student performance in math and reading. 91.6% of students attending this high school are college ready and 99% of students attending Stuyvesant High School will end up graduating.


Queens High School for the Sciences at York College: 95% of students at this high school exceeded the common core expectations in proficiency in reading followed by 71% of students who exceed in mathematical common core expectations. Also reassuring for parents, this high school has a graduation rate of 100%. Queens High School for the Sciences at York College currently has 357,764 students attending and has a minority enrollment of 94%, and a rate of 63% for economically disadvantaged students.


Staten Island Technical High School: Students of this high school have the chance to take Advanced Placement courses and exams which can help boost academic success. 100% of students at Staten Island Technical High School participate in the Advanced Placement program with 98% passing at least one Advanced Placement exam. This high school ranks #4 in a quality education in New York City public schools.


When factoring in where to move with your family and which school to enroll your child in, it’s important to remember that there are many schools which will give your child a fair chance at academic success. When choosing your child’s school, it’s important to note that one student may thrive in one school more than another and vice versa. While most students attend whichever school is in their neighborhood school district zone, over half of parents now have the chance to choose their child’s school.

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Living with roommates in NYC

For many searching for an apartment to rent in NYC it might seem like an impossible task to find your dream apartment after factoring in costs of living. As rent prices in NYC are higher than most cities, many people have a difficult time paying all their living expenses on their own even with a professional career. Nearly half of New Yorkers live with roommates. While the most obvious reason for having a roommate is to split up living expenses, that’s not always the case. Living with a roommate can also be important if you’re someone who enjoys another person’s company.

 Since living with a roommate involves living very closely together and spending long periods of time together, many people find that they become good friends with their roommates rather than just existing in the same home together. In a perfect world all may go smoothly, although it’s important to note a few key factors to consider before choosing a roommate based on not only your expectations but the other persons as well. Below are important things to keep in mind  and openly discuss with a potential roommate beforehand to ensure that your living expectations are met.


Budget: Before even looking for a roommate or speaking with them, you have to have an open conversation with yourself about what you’re willing to pay from your pocket for rent and other expenses. Based on your finances, make a weekly or monthly budget of how much you can reasonably pay for living expenses. Ask yourself if you’re willing to sacrifice the apartment you want for a desirable neighborhood or vice versa. Living within your means can also mean considering other factors like if you drive to and from work or need to take public transportation, if so being near a subway station or bus stop may be more important to you.


Lifestyle: When you meet a potential roommate it’s important that you both be open and honest with how you both live. For example if you’re not a smoker and your roommate is, this can cause friction in your living situation. Many people who are looking to rent with roommates like to choose someone they already know in their life such as a friend or classmate, though despite previously knowing your roommate doesn’t make the two of you compatible to live together. You must remember that while this person may be pleasant enough, living in close quarters with them may be a very different scenario. Factors like what schedule the other person keeps and their personal habits may not be compatible with yours so make sure these things are discussed beforehand.


Setting boundaries: When you choose a person to live with, it’s important to set household rules and let the other person know what behavior is acceptable to you and what isn’t. You may prefer a roommate of a certain gender or age group which should be made clear. Some roommates may decide to split the price of rent 50/50 and others may pay less in rent and instead take on other expenses like internet and utilities. Other expectations to make clear before living together with a roommate are if food will be mutually shared or if you’d each rather be individually responsible for your own food. It’s important that when living with a roommate to ensure that they will be a person with common courtesy, someone you can trust and who will respect agreed upon rules and responsibilities. This is especially important when it comes to the expenses because if they fall short on their end, you will also suffer the consequences.


Renting with a roommate doesn’t have to be stressful as long as you know what questions to ask and who to look for. Besides lessening the financial burden of living in NYC, living with one or more roommates can even leave you with long lasting friendships. Since many people in NYC live with roommates, there is surely someone out there who can be a perfect addition to your home.